The Best Smoked Brisket Sausage Sandwiches – Camp Chef Smoke Pro SG Pellet Grill – Everyday BBQ Reviews 2019

In this video, I smoke some 100% USDA Prime Brisket Sausage on the Camp Chef Smoke Pro SG Pellet Grill and make some delicious sandwich with them topping them with my homemade Steak House Gravy (separate video LINK HERE: ). I slow smoked these and they were juicy and delicious! Enjoy the video!

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Ingredients Needed:

– I used Prime Brisket Sausage from
– French Style Bread
– I topped these sandwiches with my Steak House Gravy SEE VIDEO HERE:


– Smoke the sausage at 275 degrees Fahrenheit until done (roughly 30-45 minutes if unthawed)
– Make your sandwich and ENJOY!


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The Best Smoked Brisket Sausage Sandwiches – Camp Chef Smoke Pro SG Pellet Grill – Everyday BBQ Reviews 2019


  1. That looking really good mike … Sorry. For not watching brother just been behind and trying to catch up

  2. This is an amazing sammich Mike, jamming' with with flavor!

  3. Brisket sausage?!? Mmm… Never thought of that. Great idea. I'll have to search far and wide to get my hands on this locally.

  4. Looked awesome!

  5. I love sausage, but never had brisket sausage. The only thing I would do different is 2 pieces of sausage on that sandwich! LOL The onion gravy looked great!

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  8. Who the world burns their sausage to crisp? Sacrilege! Looks great dude

  9. Oh yes, yes indeed!
    Now that is a sandwich that will satisfy for sure.
    Great video Mike!

  10. Awesome sausages, look fantastic! 🙂

  11. That sausage look amazing, but the French Bread and gravy sealed it for me. Thanks for sharing.

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  18. Looks great buddy. Love seeing that Camp Chef working

  19. What internal temp where you aiming for?

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