The Best smashmouth by allstar but I take a bite of an onion every time he says “star” Reviews 2019

hey guys hope you like this mukbang!!!!

The Best smashmouth by allstar but I take a bite of an onion every time he says “star” Reviews 2019


  1. Instagram:mespicyboi
    u know bros I really feel like I peaked early like where do I go from here

  2. My eyes are watering just watching this

  3. aa

    Ooooh, that's a good way to get me to eat things I don't want to eat.

  4. That is the face of deep regret.

  5. i got a headache watching this

  6. Holy shit this was on my birthday. This is the best present I didn’t even know I had

  7. My favorite mukbang video

  8. It's probably an apple

  9. Civilization took a really strange turn right near the end

  10. Jesus Christ people will do anything for views

  11. Disgusting. This is NOT what the internet is intended for.

  12. 2.9 million views.

    Welcome to 2019.

  13. I farted

  14. 13 bites out of an onion to Smash Mouth's song All Star

    This is peak human performance

  15. But y

  16. 2017 was 2 years ago… let that sink in

  17. Onion>apple

  18. Imma wife her up

  19. I bet Smash Mouth doesn't know they're making money out of a girl eating an onion…

  20. what am I doing with my life

  21. My life feel the same way

  22. I feel like the reason YouTube will randomly recommend masterpieces like this is because there’s this one really high dude that works there who sometimes just says “fuck it” and starts to spam recommend random videos to everybody.

  23. Imagine if this video went undiscovered

  24. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I have been laughing for 3 hours over this. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen god bless youu

  25. What the stink? Why was this in my recommendation? haha hilarious video.

  26. Girl no

  27. She probably hates onion after this

  28. Omg ily

  29. I felt like I can smell the onion.

  30. This is why YouTube was created.

  31. That's right now let's make out. Get over here onion breath

  32. Props, I would've cried

  33. star

  34. ty 4 doing this rlly needed it

  35. They said girls can't be gamers…
    Until they saw this victory royale.

  36. Lee

    The fact I dispise onions makes me want to throw up

  37. I wonder y after a year YouTube is recommending this in other people besides my feed/page
    but I’m not complaining

  38. This is how I start and end everyday

  39. No wonder you hid in the bathroom with the fan on. I'd beat my kid if I caught her eating an onion on like this for Youtube views.

  40. But…. why?

  41. Onions are good for u 🔪🤷🏼‍♀️

  42. "star" in "start" should also count lol

  43. OnIoNs HaVe LaYeRs!!!

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