The Best Russian Piping Tip Testing! – CAKE STYLE Reviews 2018 2019


Let’s test these new Russian piping tips!! They look like an awesome way to make super cute flowers, but just how easy are they to use?

Get them here –
Disposable piping bags –
Piping couplers –

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* 7″ round smooth buttercream cake – smooth buttercream –
* Sweet Buttercream –
– 1kg (2lb 2oz) Mid purple – equal parts Americolor Electric Purple and Americolor Fushia FOR THE CAKE AND ONE FLOWER DESIGN
– 100g (3.5oz) Fushia – Americolor Fushia
– 100g (3.5oz) Purple equal parts Wilton and Americolor Electric Purple
– 100g (3.5oz) Light pink – Americolor Electric Pink
– 100g (3.5oz) Dark pink – equal parts Americolor Electric Pink and Wilton Rose
– 100g (3.5oz) Light pink – Americolor Electric Pink
– 100g (3.5oz) Light fushia pink – 1 part Americolor Electric Pink and 2 parts Americolor Fushia
– 50g (1.7oz) Green – 2 parts Americolor Leaf Green and 1 part Americolor Turquoise
* Piping bags
* Russian piping tips plus a Wilton 352 and 2
* Coupler
* Turntable

To see more buttercream cakes, including cake textures (

The Best Russian Piping Tip Testing! – CAKE STYLE Reviews 2018 2019


  1. I am watching you from Egypt

    Through watching you love the art of decorating

    I will contact you through Google Translate

    But what kind of cream is used in Russian cones

    Thank you very much in advance

  2. quiero en español

  3. nice

  4. 21💄👑👒👗👡👡👠

  5. This is super cute😍

  6. Perfeito

  7. No one flower is complete, I don’t like the texture

  8. Beautiful colours beautiful beautiful beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  9. can I use this Russian nozzles with whipped cream

  10. what kind of buttercream you use vanessa..Im a beginner..

  11. Oooppss lost a petal.. Thats ok! 😂

  12. Your t shart is very beauty full

  13. Recipe for this buttercream pls

  14. Beautiful!

  15. Great set in this link , i love them!

  16. красивый тортик! А что у вас за крем?

  17. وصفاتك جداااااااا جميله ورائعة وانا متابعه قديمة لحضرتك أتمنى ان تكون هناك ترجمة عربيه

  18. Vanessa, if you see this can you weigh in on the consistency of icing with these? It seems that it has to be pretty stiff. The best buttercream around where I live is from a supermarket called Publix — it's a butter/shortening mix, and I don't know what they do with it, but it is light and fluffy and wonderful…but I've tried using it with the Russian tips and the results were mixed. So it would be really helpful to have a tutorial on buttercream consistency for flowers vs. for frosting a cake.

    Big fan of your videos overall. 🙂

  19. suas flores estão horríveis

  20. Loved it nice decoration. May i know what kind of icing do you use? American Buttercream icing or SMBC ?

  21. Beautifull flowers

  22. love you cake beautiful

  23. me gusta

  24. I also have the tips however; they're definitely not meant to act as a 'border' on edges of the cakes. They perform much more effectively when grouped together, as in a bouquet-style. Also looks nicer when at least 2 colors are mixed…reason is as with actual flowers, the center of a tulip or a rose, is usually a different color or color (s). Keep Piping!

  25. 💐🌷 absolutely beautiful 🌷💐

  26. I've also got these nozzles, but just get used to using them, as they are large, and needed a lot of buttercream icing!

  27. I just purchased these from Amazon. They are brilliant. Very cheap and they are very large nozzles. Pipes beautifully

  28. i have also get these nozzels but it seems that to handle with cream is difficult

  29. I love that

  30. This goes a long way to put people off buying Russian Tubes I'm afraid to say.

  31. Just found your channel (and subscribed). I was on the fence about these Russian tips – after seeing your video – I'm in love with them and will definitely buy some.

  32. can I see 3 hearts cake

  33. itz cooool

  34. This is a nice,simple and unique decorative cake.

  35. hi, your are very cool designer, can i use your video for my page?

  36. Great little tutorial! Thanks! 🙂

  37. you did an awesome tutorial!!! that's really really gorgeous!!!! can't wait to try this… thanks!

  38. can u gv nozzel nos or names pls I wana purchase the same but confused…

  39. hi cake style! 😊 can i use a swiss meringue buttercream for this kind piping tips?

  40. Hi 😊 how much sugar and butter i need to mix to make all the needed buttercream to cover and decorate this cake? 😊 thanks

  41. These tips work best with a cold firm frosting, and multiple colors per singular bag, you can really creat the effect that nature would impart as a multi toned flower which really brings out the depth and realism of their design;

  42. you are awsome how did you learn to do that love it your cakes are awsome love your cakes wear did you get the flowers you could look more colors than gust purple,pink, and green🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂😉😉😉😄😄😄

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  46. awesome!

  47. I think u should try mixed pink and purple

  48. It's really amazing I loved it and surely Gona try

  49. your cake is asom

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