The Best Pink and Gold Crown Cookies – Royal Baby Shower Collab Reviews 2018 2019

Last week, Callye of Sugarbelle and Georganne of LilaLoa had their baby girls on the same day! To welcome the new tiny princesses of cookies, a few of my cookier friends put together this virtual royal baby shower.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Roll out cookie dough (my Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe is available in my tutorial shop)
Paring knife and ruler for cutting square cookies (3×3″ and 1.5×1.5″ shown here)
Flood consistency royal icing
Medium consistency royal icing
Scribe tool
Round decorating tips 1 and 3
Gold pearl dust
Small brush
Alcohol or flavored extract

Pink = Wilton aster mauve from the garden tone set
Brown = Wilton brown + a touch of juniper green from the garden tone set

Learn how to make pretty pink and gold crown cookies fit for a princess!
See all of the royal baby desserts!
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COOKIE and ICING RECIPE in my tutorial shop:

Flood Consistency Royal Icing:


Gold Royal Icing:

Cookie Decorating Supplies:

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The Best Pink and Gold Crown Cookies – Royal Baby Shower Collab Reviews 2018 2019


  1. by letting icing "dry" both in the first step and the following to come does that mean in a refrigerator or just out in the open on a tray /plate ?

  2. Esta precioso su trabajo muchas gracias😍

  3. So beautiful

  4. when i'm not detoxing, i'm eating gold dust iced cookies

  5. I can say only, 'WOW!! How fantastic it is!!!'

  6. Can I ask you a question? Does the pearl dust dry out? Or are they always wet to the touch? I love how they look! Kisses from Argentina

  7. "Gently tap the cookie to smooth out the icing"

    smacks crazily

  8. você é a melhor confeiteira que eu já vi

  9. Amei deve está gostoso as coisas que você faz😚😚😚😚

  10. Why would you put this much effort into 4 bites 😂

  11. "gently tap the cookie to smooth out the icing" continuesly slams cookie on counter till the outline still shows

  12. cut .

  13. この銀色のチョコは何を使用してますか?

  14. hi….how u made gold colour icing??

  15. alguien me puede devcir que es ?
    chocolate , glasé ??

  16. Wow

  17. me podrias decir como hiciste el glase dorado gracias

  18. ok the frosting that you made the crown with looks like peanut butter

  19. khe pedo soy el brayan v:

  20. Súper elegant! congrats ! lovely . exquisito

  21. wow..

  22. Me encanta su trabajo, es hermoso y la música, maravillosa, cuál es el nombre de la melodía?

  23. Que hermosos trabjps haces podrias decirme que boquilas usas y q numero de pinceles h yssi no es much molestia cual es el color q debo ponerle al glace.para q salga dorado graciasss

  24. "Gently tap" ferociously taps cookie on the bench

  25. The last step of this stuff can eat it ?

  26. Can I freeze these cookies for a month before party?

  27. please. answer me somebody. i am very bad speak English. what is cream? how make it?

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