The Best Making Homemade Fondant in Minutes Reviews 2018 2019

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Hi, I’m Jill and I found a way to save lots of money and get great taste results by making my own fondant. With just mini marshmallows and powdered sugar – you are on your way to lots of sweet FUN!

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How to Make a Small Batch of Homemade Fondant Video:

You Need:

1 16 oz. bag of Minature Marshmallows.
2 LB. Confectioners Powdered Sugar (sifted if possible)
2 Tbsp. Gum Paste Mix (we sell a 2 oz. jar) – optional
1 Tbsp. Clear Almond Extract
4 Tbsp. water
Color Gel if coloring fondant

How to Make:
In a microwave safe bowl, add marshmallows. Heat for 30 seconds at a time until melted, stirring each time. DO NOT OVERHEAT. Add extract and stir well.

In a large bowl, mix powdered sugar and gum paste well. Make a well with the sugar (see how-to-guide). Pour melted marshmallows into center. Slowly bring powdered sugar into the marshmallow mix, not allowing marshmallow mix to touch the bow.

Keeping kneading the mix until you get a nice dough. If not using immediately, store in an air-tight container until use. It will keep for many weeks.

Add color gels to create many variety of fondant colors.

Once fondant is made, you are ready to roll it out to create decorations for cakes and cookies. Use cornstarch instead of flour to dust the work surface and rolling pin.

The Best Making Homemade Fondant in Minutes Reviews 2018 2019


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