The Best Make Your Own Piping Bags Reviews 2018 2019

Rosie shows you how to make your own, very simple, piping bags. Perfect for piping small amounts of royal icing.

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The Best Make Your Own Piping Bags Reviews 2018 2019


  1. Thanks sis you are best

  2. Thanks

  3. Butter Paper. Is necessary

  4. Nyz vdeo

  5. Which paper u used this is butter paper or anything else??

  6. Wow ! Ty

  7. muga bi sikhana easy ha

  8. Easy to mske

  9. Paper name?

  10. Did u attached cone with nozzle with glue or what?

  11. If you don't have that metal tip at the end of the video, this tutorial is useless. Sorry 🙁

  12. Nice thank u so much

  13. How you put the nozzle?

  14. manifik sa marche

  15. Easy and cheap old fashion way.. i love it.. cost reduce

  16. which paper will be use

  17. I can't get it to work

  18. It is butter paper am I right ?

  19. I made it too,my one was so gud XD

  20. Thanks

  21. What type of paper u r using

  22. Cookie Gift Can Queen sells Sweetex Hi-Ratio shorting on Etsy for home bakers in small quantities for professional tasting icing. Just wanted to share with my fellow bakers. Thank you so much for your video tutorial!

  23. Its not safe

  24. how to make cream in Hindi

  25. Thanks very good

  26. I suggest using tape

  27. nice

  28. Good

  29. Amazing idea!!!🤗🤗🤗

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  31. Best explaner foe this ive seen in my 7 decades plus

  32. Its really nice

  33. bakbace

  34. Over acting ki dukan

  35. I made my own

  36. Thanks

  37. This is great ..but plz can u make a video about how to make the piping tips the one which is made of metal ? Can we make it with cola cans?

  38. Nice

  39. which paper u use in that 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Plz. say

  40. Thank you life saver!

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