The Best Let`s Play World Chef – Episode #1 | The Beginning! Reviews 2019

Hello MonsterS0cks here & I am BACK with my FIRST Episode of World Chef, Please Subscribe for more amazing World Chef videos.

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The Best Let`s Play World Chef – Episode #1 | The Beginning! Reviews 2019


  1. Level 12

  2. Nice to meat you

    Get it?

  3. Your so good😃😁

  4. i like chinese too

  5. I have the app and I have 7 chefs in my world chef game

  6. I like indian

  7. Hey hey hey дорогие friends

  8. Hey hey hey дорогие friends

  9. World chief is the best👲🏻 in

  10. I play this game I've been playing for about a month I'm level 10 😊

  11. MonsterSOcks very good vidoe keep it up and btw i installed the game and very good im happy they put alot of detail into that game

  12. Your so annoying and u think your funny but your really now

  13. did u know it's had lodes of updates since u last Playd it

  14. I played it since yesterday

  15. Guys finally I fоund this online generator on google and I ve add cоin in no time here is thе link and make yourslef surе : Let s Plаy World Chef Episoodе 1 The Beginning

  16. Level 8

  17. I love this game

  18. I love it!

  19. love this game 🙂

  20. very good episode! How did you get it for pc as im trying to find and i cant. i want it badly for my pc!!!


    well guess what I just did C:

  22. I am so enjoying this

  23. dude u are cool i like u u need more subs heres one its me 🙂
    and keep up the good work.

  24. I am a level 11

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