The Best KCBS Pro BBQ Competition | Twin Valley Fire and Smoke BBQ Competition Reviews 2019

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The Best KCBS Pro BBQ Competition | Twin Valley Fire and Smoke BBQ Competition Reviews 2019


  1. This was awesome! Thanks!

  2. Good video Rich! Keep it up It's only getting better!

  3. You mentioned that you had to purchase different ribs for this comp. Where do you normally get your ribs? Thanks!

  4. Nice work!

  5. Rich my fav box was the chicken. I would love to try those thighs. To me it’s hard to come up with a good chicken rub as it is so much different than pork or beef

  6. Nice report on your comp! You keep getting better. I like to watch your competition reports, they’re good info for guys like me, just interested in backyard family barbecue. I watched with as much interest as a sports report. Stay safe with the rising waters.

  7. Great Job Mane, edit the wifes cigarette out of the video…its disgusting

  8. Great job Rich boxes looked great . Hang in there bro. Looks like you are the right track keep that smoke rollin !!

  9. Awesome brother! Those boxes look amazing. You’re leveling up your game like crazy. No time til you’re winning these. Comps really look fun but tough. Keep on keeping on down by the river! 🙂

  10. Nice job, it all looked great, and I am sure it tasted great.

  11. Great video man! Love the more vlog style of the comp! Great video and great job!

  12. Nice showing. The boxes looked good to me.

  13. Congrats on the walk, awesome footage and all meat boxes looked amazing👍👍

  14. Nice job Rich. Congratulations on the chicken walk and the overall improvement. It sounds like you are getting dialed in on what the judges are looking for.

  15. Great job Rich! Way to improve and I love these videos man, it really makes me wanna get out there and do some comps, just because!!!

  16. Hey Rich. We're stickin' with ya. Your boxes looked great, so the points were well earned!
    Nice job on the chicken… loved hearing you say you're keeping your recipes. Hope you can tweak them … you can only go up from here!
    Great video too… really enjoyed it.
    ~brian and marilyn in OC

  17. Rich, I love your competition videos. That's always been a dream of mine but my skillz are not there…yet! But, I like seeing the behind the scenes things and results. I wish more competition youtubers did this. I love your channel and can't wait for the next video! 👍👍

  18. Nice job Rich. Just gotta keep movin up that ladder. 👍

  19. Wow I am really surprised and impressed by the boxes of brisket and chicken. Not that I didn’t think you guys could do it necessarily. I just didn’t think that it would look quite that good.

  20. Nice job Rich. The boxes were great. I liked the chicken the best. Those were beautiful. Good feedback from the judges. Things to work with to get better. But hey 18th out of 47 is good. Congrats.

  21. Good to see you again Rich. It was funny when you told that one guy who you were and he said “you’re from West Virginia”. LOL. I think those boxes look very well put together. 18th overall place is really good out of 47 teams

  22. Do you put bbq sauce on your brisket slices?

  23. Pork box don’t shred the meat

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