The Best How to Make a Rainbow Candy Hearts Cake | Wilton Reviews 2018 2019

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When it comes to cake decorating, you’ve got to put your heart ❤ into it! Learn how to make a cute Rainbow Candy Hearts Cake using tools and supplies from the Rosanna Pansino baking line including the 6 in. Cake Pan, Silicone Candy Mold, and Specialty Decorating Tips and Bag Set. Melt Candy Melts candies to make cute 8-bit candy hearts that surround this cake with love!

Find the full instructions on how to make rainbow candy hearts cake here:

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Candy Melts:
Creamy White Decorator Icing:
Rosanna Pansino Silicone Candy Mold:
Rosanna Pansino Angled Spatula, 9-Inch:
Rosanna Pansino Angled Spatula, 11-Inch:
Rosanna Pansino Specialty Decorating Tips and Bag Set:

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The Best How to Make a Rainbow Candy Hearts Cake | Wilton Reviews 2018 2019


  1. where to buy these cake pans???

  2. very cute and all but candy melts don't work like that when I do them.
    The melts don't melt and after multiple heatings they are burnt.

  3. Hi Wilton, could you tell me the difference between using a 6”x3” pan and a 6”x2” pan when baking cake layers? I need to make a 6” tall cake. Would it be better to use three 6”x2 layers or two 6”x3 layers?

  4. i am pretty sure Emily made this video, well done! i love your cakes unicorn girl !!

  5. Oh I want the cake pans so much! I already bought all the tips!
    I take them to work to help me decorate cakes and everyone knows which stuff is mine since it’s all colors!

  6. Please make the new RO baking line available worldwide!! It’s frustrating when it’s only available in the US and Rosanne has fans worldwide!!!

  7. Cute! I like how the hearts were gently placed on the cake.

  8. Aww man I need those silicone molds

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