The Best How to Achieve a Pink Candy Apple Reviews 2018 2019

Approximately 12 drops of white.
1/2 teaspoon of rose wilton icing color.

And Also, i always show my mistakes. It turns into knowledge by others by seeing what not to do and how “fix” it. I like to keep everything as true and real as possible 😂 have you not watched my vlogs😂

Black candy apple:

Purple candy apple:

Nude/Skin tone candy apple:

Leopard print Candy Apple:

How to clean your pots after candy apples, click here:

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The Best How to Achieve a Pink Candy Apple Reviews 2018 2019


  1. Around how many apples can you make from the mixture?

  2. You should start off by telling us what are you melting!

  3. And thank you so much for doing your tutorial my question today was can I use icing gel frosting on my candy apples thank you may God continually to bless you and your business amen

  4. So pretty wow!

  5. Awesome job🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉

  6. i have six kids, i cut every bottle tooth paste, lotion, cut that chefmaster bottle and get it all! lol

  7. I thought icing color was not the same as food coloring

  8. Nice job 👍🏼

  9. That very 👍

  10. Love the Color

  11. what is the flavor like?

  12. Are you using Granny Smith Apples?

  13. What are you boiling?

  14. Thanks for sharing! Can you please do a red apple and a white apple?

  15. I must buy this class! Your apples are always spot on!

  16. Thank you for doing this video! Can you please tell me how much sugar, water and corn syrup did you use for this extra small batch of candy mixture? This the perfect amount of of mix to make just a couple of apples for practice purposes. I hate having to mix a whole batch for a dozen apples when I only need a couple. Thank you in advance!

  17. I loooove that Wilton rose pink!! I love that color. I’ve used it to make gender reveal cake pops n it was an awesome color!!!!!

  18. Yessssss! Do RED PLEASE!!

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