The Best Heart Meringue Pops – Valentines with Color Gels and Melted Chocolate for Kid’s Birthday Parties Reviews 2018 2019

Lollipops are too boring for cake decorators! Today you will learn how to make heart shaped meringue pops – valentines with color gels and melted chocolate with Amanda Lee of Sugar Sugar Cakes. These treats are perfect for kid’s birthday party to keep their fingers clean but satisfy the sweet tooth before the birthday cake arrives!

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Amanda Lee of Sugar Sugar Cakes

This basic technique for beginners how to make heart meringue pops – valentines using color gels and melted chocolate for kid’s birthday parties, which you have learnt in this tutorial will be useful also for many advanced techniques that we will present in the future. We recommend practicing it multiple times and commenting below if any particular step from this tutorial seems difficult to you.

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The Best Heart Meringue Pops – Valentines with Color Gels and Melted Chocolate for Kid’s Birthday Parties Reviews 2018 2019


  1. Lovely meringue pops

  2. These are lovely! Can you tell me where you buy your food colours and the melts please.

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