The Best Gordon Ramsay – Christmas Turkey with Gravy Reviews 2019

The Best Gordon Ramsay – Christmas Turkey with Gravy Reviews 2019


  1. Very nice video. love and full watched.

  2. It's like listening to Trump in the kitchen…. Such an amazing gravy, it's unbelievable hmmmm

  3. I'm Hungry 😣.

  4. Hilta bahut hai yeh!!

  5. He can’t keep his @$$ Still for 💩 💩

  6. 4:51

  7. But what if you like to be able to taste the Turkey?

  8. HOLD UP A MINUTE! What about the wings you put in the gravy? Oh hell no, I know you ain’t throwing them out…

  9. but i am turkish. why Turkey ? 🙁

  10. Why doesn't he wash his hands after handling poultry before touching the salt and pepper or the Olive Oil, and putting his thumb right on the olive oil bottle? Anyone want a side of salmonella? Or do they just cut that crucial boring stuff out of the video?

  11. lol Jamie Oliver did it better.

  12. wow super

  13. someone copied your dish and says its his recipe—-

  14. My wife puts butter under the skin also it's a really nice flavor

  15. Master Chef Gordon Ramsay the G.O.A.T ☝️🙌

  16. That looks really good !

  17. It’s great that you added some turkey to your butter !!!!

  18. I am amazed by your work’ presentation, how much details you put on the plate, how much love you give it away while reaching that fantastic dish you always give to us! Thank you from heart! You has made me value and love the kitchen chef👏

  19. Lemon in anything? – hope your island sinks!

  20. Gordon i love ur cooks

  21. 0:27 a touch of salt and pepper

  22. Omg imma try this 2019!

  23. Thank you…hands down the best turkey i have ever made!!!!

  24. I make a delicious traditional turkey, but this receipt looks great. TY I will try it.

  25. Did he say rest for 2 1/2 hours???

  26. I hope he sterilized his pepper grinder after shoving it inside the raw bird.

  27. Good instructions but god damn that shaky cam. Just show me what he's doing for crying out loud.

  28. He CAN NOT stop moving back and forth, one side and the other while talking. It's quite interesting.

  29. OMG he's a god

  30. I’m watching this after i finished to prepare my turkey for new year. And he makes it look so easy! But it’s a lot of Job

  31. Now that’s what you call turkey bacOn

  32. Only one question…where dos you get your cocaine

  33. Z

    He looks like a meth head

  34. What am I doing? I’m vegan…

  35. D

    I won't normally watch him because he is so high spun or drinks too much caffeine. It makes my head spin watching and listening to him, but I'm comparing a lot of gravy recipes.

  36. Turkey cooked perfect. Gravy unfortunately was not a big hit with my family. They thought the apple cider was too strong. Maybe I put too much.

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