The Best Dragonheart Soap DIY | Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial | Sister Style By Design | Valentine’s Day DIY Reviews 2018 2019

Learn to make this Dragonheart Soap for Valentine’s Day! Because not everything around this holiday must be pink and girly.

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The Best Dragonheart Soap DIY | Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial | Sister Style By Design | Valentine’s Day DIY Reviews 2018 2019


  1. Well done video – lovely soaps! Thanks for sharing!

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    🍄 I will be videoing from start to finish of my work space and will upload it one done, I will also be doing Tips & Hints on what I know about making everything I make.
    🍄 I don’t believe in stealing someone’s creation and calling it my own, and in return I’d like to get asked if anyone is to use a recipe iv given them even if it’s been twerked

  3. Thank you for the lovely tutorial 🌷

  4. See this lovely lady is using a fork to blend her Clays – it’s so they don’t clump and the fork acts as a mini whisk

  5. where did you get your measuring cups

  6. How does your soap base stay liquid for so long? Any time I try m&p I have to keep re heating cause it starts to harden.

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