The Best DIY TRANSPARENT Iceberg Slime!!! With Needlefelt Penguins :D Reviews 2018 2019

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I got a ton of DIY iceberg slime requests! Normal iceberg slime is made using shaving foam which hardens into a crispy layer. However I wanted to make a clear DIY iceberg slime so I was thinking up all sort of things that stay transparent once crystallised. I decided to try sugar since that’s cheap and easy to find. I used concentrate sugar syrup instead of water in a standard clear slime recipe. The result was a crunchy layer but sadly it didn’t become as brittle as I had hoped. The sugar probably absorbed too much moisture from below or it needs to be boiled to a high temperature first (eg like when making sugar bowls or “edible glass”).

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The Best DIY TRANSPARENT Iceberg Slime!!! With Needlefelt Penguins 😀 Reviews 2018 2019


  1. wait.. what’s that word at the top of the bag of sugar…? it could easily be misread XD

  2. Could something like corn syrup or glucose used for cooking work?

  3. Doesn’t sugar melt slime????

  4. One tip is to make your slime less activated.. I know sugar activates slime but after mixing the sugar "iceberg" part, after 5 mins the slime will become rock hard ball make the slime slightly goopy

  5. Waddles Down The Comments

  6. I dont get it doesn’t sugar melt slime??

  7. How come the baking soda doesn’t make it opaque.

  8. Such a cute DIY! I even made one! Its super cute!

  9. Just saying but sugar melts slime most of the times

  10. You can add talcum powder to make the brittle top..

  11. thats was cute

  12. Sugar melts slime

  13. It didn’t work for me….

  14. Yaasss!

  15. That penguin look like Piplub from Pokemon. 😂😅😥

  16. Gud idea 2 make a clear iceberg slime

  17. Save the icebergs not the slime

  18. The penguins tho so kawaii

  19. At 3:50 did anyone else hear whispering

  20. I still really want her to try this recipe out again so that we can see the “perfect” result

  21. i dont know why but i find the poking felt sound very satisfying…

  22. They are so cute💖💖

  23. Dude you put sugar in slime it will rot and won't last long. It'll smell bad , e.t.c

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