The Best Crybaby Haul 😭 Reviews 2019

The Best Crybaby Haul 😭 Reviews 2019


  1. Love Traci B 🙋🏻‍♀️🥰🤣 I have those over the door hangers & are wonderful 🥰

  2. Yeah, I’m not the only one…..I have my phone on in my car often. 😜😜😜I’ll check out Tyler’s channel😀I just love your chit chats. Get some sun and feel better soon☀️☀️☀️☀️#dollartreerocks

  3. Wow! U hair looks great! You’ve gotta let us in on the secret lol U look cute though!
    Oh God DT I love it!!

  4. Definitely praying for Suzanne

  5. 😻👍🏼💕

  6. Amy, you might want to go to see your M D. and have them check your vitamin D. If you are too low in your vitamin D, you can feel very tired and feel fatigue. So have yourself checked out! A lot of women have this problem. Take care! Kathy from California! It was 81 today! I don't feel we have had any type of winter here in Southern California so far. 😘😘😘😘

  7. Hey girlfriend. Get your rest. Love your hauls… what’s the deal with the caress bottles???? That’s the first I’ve heard about that… I got my flu shot yesterday. I don’t get out but about once or twice a week to do shopping for what mother, myself and Coco Girl , my dog needs.. but I didn’t want to take a chance on getting the flu n my mom get sick. Love ya hon…

  8. Hi Amy I’m so far behind on watching my videos trying to get caught up. Im caught up with you Tyler Ramsey YAY love me some Tyler now I need several more Suzanne and more. Love your earrings I checked the earrings at Walmart but didn’t see anything else I liked so hopefully they will get more in. I know the feeling of being so yuck in the winter now I’m so ready for spring warm weather. And all the flu to be done. Oh it’s so bad this year I saw tonight which this is Friday night that they think there may be 2 flus going around or people getting it twice. Saw where a lady died again from round 2 of flu with ina couple of months her husband went home for a bit because she was feeling better and when he got home he got a call she had passed away so sad sometimes I just wonder. I know If it’s yours time God is gonna call you home but that sounded a little weird to me?? Anyways your hair is really getting long. How is Whatt? Liking his job? Stay positive you. Ale me smile Love y’all ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I'll be happy when this cold weather is gone too and we can ring in the warm months again!! XOXO Sharon

  10. I have 4 of those over the door hooks. Love em! That funk…for me it is always this time of year. Spring Fever or pre-Spring fever. in my case. I am burned out because of this below zero junk and feet of snow. I am dragging and lagging. lol, My engine needs a tune-up! My Prayers go out to Suzanne. I have started to use a deodorant called Crystal. I just don't want all the junk in my armpit anymore but I do use the regular type once in a while. A girlfriend brought using that up and for her reasons and I kind of agreed so thought I would give it a whirl! Mostly for when I am at home. 😀 Big HUGS and I hope things perk up for you fast!!! <3

  11. I feel the same way about cold weather. It just drains me. And the flu scares me to death. I even use the Clorox wipes on my steering wheel and keep them in my car. Don’t forget doorknobs. Wipe them down too. Love you sweet girl. Oh…do you take vitamins?? Maybe you need some B-12 for a boost of energy. ❤️🤗🙏🏼

  12. Prayers going up for Suzanne.

  13. What about your hair?….Gorgeous!!😍😍

  14. Beautiful blouse. Love those earrings!

  15. I hope you feel better soon. You might have SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder. Try to get more sunlight so that you get more vitamin D. I feel the same way you do. I was talking to my sister tonight about it and she has it too. Longer days are going to be here soon.

  16. I understand about that bottle design…very frustrating

  17. Hey sweetie, Hubs was feeling like that for a couple of weeks so I doubled up on his B/12 and it worked wonders for him… I'm like you the weather has sucked so lots of sunshine and warmer temps need to come our way sooner than later… I love cold weather but not wet and cold .. Feel Better besutiful💗😘

  18. We had a TG&Y too!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for the prayers and love. I will let you know when it's rescheduled! God ALWAYS takes care of us —- delay is not always a bad thing!
    Your hair has gotten longer than I have ever seen! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
    Hope you get to feeling better soon. I go through some times like that too!
    Love you so much girlfriend!

  19. Hi Amy!!
    I'll be so glad when Spring and Summer is here!!!!!!! I can't stress that enough!!!
    This winter in our state has been horrible!!
    I sleep every chance I can ~ Guess I'm trying to sleep thru the rest of this @#$% winter!!
    You look so pretty and your hair is gorgeous!!
    Take good care of yourself!
    Love ya, Jodi

  20. love the hair

  21. love the hsir

  22. You hair is so pretty, sister!!!!!!

  23. hey there pretty lady! you can be a crybaby anytime you want! :)~ especially if you dont feel on top of your game… I think its the fasting….

  24. Freezing cold here in New England, and I'm over it too! Tfs

  25. Girlfriend your hair is GORGEOUS, it's getting so long. What are you using on your face? Your skin looks bright and glowy. You should do a night time/ skin care routine video. I didn't know DT had Aux cords. Mine up and vanished too. LoVe them earings girly. You remind me of Barbie lol…seriously. God Bless you Beautiful tfs your hauls🌞

  26. Lord I just love you. And I’d give you a big ole Tyler Ramey hug if I could. Don’t you love how there are “rare” items at Dollar Tree now??? I feel like when I find the chocolate peanut butter spread, I’ve found a 1993 Princess Diana beanie baby! 😂😂😂

  27. I am with you in the "in a weird funk" phase…. at least you don't have to be bundled up in this horrible cold weather… I so need the sun and sand between my toes! Your hair looks amazing!!! Hope you have a great night!! xoxo

  28. Hope you feel Better Soon❤️

  29. Hi Suzanne, I have been tired all Winter😂 Winter is depressing for me❗️❗️ I have been sick with flu, twice already❗️I Love Spring And Summer😃
    Nice Haul 😊👍 Have a awesome weekend😊❤️
    Texas Lady xoxo

  30. My dad is having a pacemaker put in and your video gave me a break from worrying.
    Poor Tracy has had a time of it lately hasn’t she. Hope she’s doing well
    I’m with you on the sunshine thing. I’m tired of being cold even though I got a fabulous faux leather jacket from the Walmart site that rocks.

  31. The hooks are awesome. We have them on every door. Your hair has really grown and looks lovely. Prayers for Suzanne.

  32. Hey, sugar! You look gorgeous, as always! Your hair is soooo long! I’m not sure about the quest bars. They are kind of mealy….but I haven’t had the oatmeal one. I will try they one. I’m with ya on the thriving rant! I’m sooo glad you found those hooks! Id say you need about five more 😜. And blessing and hugs to Suzanne!! 😘💕💕💕

  33. It's winter! I'm also tired all the time too, laying around on the couch, etc! Praying spring will be here soon! Your hair is so pretty and long! Love your earrings too! Love Tyler , Traci B and you! Need to check Suzanne's channel to see how she is! Hugs!

  34. What is wrong with the Caress bottle? Just curious~

  35. Girl I tryed out that pineapple drink from Dollar Tree it was good the one your daughter had after your run

  36. Tfs!!!

  37. Hello Doll Face. I gotta look for those door hook/hangers. Love ya sweetie. ❤️❤️

  38. Why don't you move to a warmer climate?

  39. Hey sweet Amy, if you need to sleep sleep. Your body tells you what it needs. BTW your hair is getting so long! Love it!

  40. I need me some Sun🌞 and warmth too,,was hoping the ground hog would predict an early spring (feb 2,my bday,turned 43 😣lol)),,NOPE,,6 more friggin weeks of winter,,im so sick of this new england weather,,snow,road salt all over your car,,grey gloomy weather,,i need some 🌞 Darn it,lol,it litterally is depressing 😕,,darn you mr groundhog!,lol😁,(the hubby and I are really considering moving down south,im soo ready!🤗) ,,,also I was thinking the same thing when u mentioned not having a dollar tree growing up,,i hear ya,,that would've been great,u just reminded me that I TOO need one of those cables,my son used/took mine too,lol 😲,,dollar tree here i come,,🤗,,good video!🤗

  41. Oh girl, I totally understand the fiber thing😂 I’m a Summer girl too🌞 I need sunshine ☀️ or I get the bla bla’s too😒 thanks for sharing sweet friend and brightening my day😘✌🏻❤️🙏🏻

  42. Caress is my favorite body wash. I can’t find it either. I purchased dove for sensitive skin and I like it better. Lathers nice and I use less.

  43. Lol my daughter can't remember Rantinidine. She calls it Ramalamadingdong. Try the mint one!

  44. Love Traci B.

  45. Hey Amy….your hair is so long since I last tuned in. It’s so cold here too…..I’m dreaming of the warm sun so desperately. Here in Canada that damn ground hog said six more effing weeks of winter!!!!!! You are looking and sounding great. Blessings always.

  46. Love Tyler!

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