The Best Color and Blending with Decorating Dough Reviews 2018 2019

Color is the key to bringing your characters to life. By simply adding color you can personalize any 3D character. It’s as simple as changing their hair color or recreating your child’s team colors. With our easy-to-follow instructions and color chart creating that perfect color is foolproof.

The Best Color and Blending with Decorating Dough Reviews 2018 2019


  1. is it possible to add yellow gel colouring to white dough to change the colour ?

  2. Hi Valerie can you please be more enthusiastic so we enjoys your videos thanks

  3. Hi Wilton team,

    I will be making my 3D bear cake for the first time in a weeks time, but however, I am a little confused. I hope hereby you can help me out a little. I have read the tips on the site already but couldn't open the video.

    1. I don't get what the core is for. it creates a hole inside the cake. can I take it out before baking?
    2. how much batter do I need to fill in when the recipe I use is for a 10 inch pan and fully baked I can make 3 layered cake. (I doubled the recipe for a 6 layered rainbow cake (I am very visual so if you can tell me to fill the batter until the feet, hips etc. )
    3. is the cake tin stable? will it fall over during the baking process? to prevent this, any tips for me?
    4. what is the measurement of the finished product? is there a special made cake box for this cake? I will need one cake board and box but the ones I have seen are pretty low for just a round or square cake
    5.what icing tip would you recommend for the star tips as in the cake picture on the box for the 3d bear cake?

    I hope hereby you can help me out. Thank you.

  4. I really like the color and sizing tray. Good job on instructional video for Color and Blending with Decorating Dough

  5. Can we use food coloring for this?

  6. Most of the comments on the videos are rude or judgmental, if you can't use the info then don't watch. Not everyone can be perfect or like me new.

  7. This is boring! Need enthusiasm!

  8. no se encuento estupido el producto total yo hago mi propio fondant y yo misma lo pinto que no le veo el uso a esto.

  9. Agree with Patrick

  10. Its too bad I didn't get to see the finished result, I thought that was the entire point of the video…..

  11. You girls can't memorize your lines? That make this video suck! But i like the idea of the blending tray!

  12. Que mal graban sus vídeos me encanta lo que hacen pero me aburren sus vídeos

  13. I want this!! Sounds so awesome and simple!!

  14. Really?

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