The Best Chocolate Balloon Bowls (and bonus Golden Graham cereal clusters) Reviews 2018 2019

I’ve seen the balloon bowl idea on YouTube and other places around the net, so I am not going to credit any one particular source.
Clearly this is not something that someone should give anyone with a latex allergy.

I saw this really cute snowman bowl that I would have tried, but I didn’t have enough white candy melts! Here is the link to that:

It is best if you can use a deep bowl large enough and with enough melted chocolate in it to submerge your balloon straight up and down. You will most likely have a nice straight edge that way.
If you want nice thick bowls you could dip the bowls twice and they may be more sturdy.

For those of you that are wondering, the ice cream was store bought and was pumpkin pie flavour (one of my favourites). It is a store brand called “President’s Choice” Ontario residents will most likely be familiar with that.

Candy melt information:
Candy melts FAQs:
Where do I find candy melts?
Candy melts can be found at certain craft stores (like Michaels and Hobby Lobby) and at the Bulk Barn if you live in Canada (see store website for store locator). I have been told they are sold at Walmart and at grocery stores in certain places in the USA.
I have been told they are available at Hobbycraft and Tescos in the UK.
They are also for sale online on websites like Amazon, Ebay and the Wilton and Merckens website (and others)
We pay about $6 a pound for them here in Ontario, Canada.

What are candy melts and what do they taste like?
They are a candy confection designed to be melted and they harden nice and shiny without tempering. Most of them taste like white chocolate. The chocolate coloured ones have some cocoa in them and taste like mild milk chocolate but they do come in other flavours.
Personally, other than the regular colours, I have only seen butterscotch and cotton candy flavoured ones at my Michael’s store.

I can’t find candy melts, can I dye white chocolate?
You can tint white chocolate various colours if you use oil based colours. Water based colours will cause the candy melts to “seize up”. I have been told that powdered colours also work, but I’ve never tried them. I have found oil based colours online and in craft stores (and Bulk Barn). Paste food colour can be used, but I find that they tend not to colour the chocolate evenly and you get lots of specs of colour in the chocolate because of the water in the gel or the paste.

How to you melt the candy melts?
I melt my candy melts in a bowl or plastic bag in the microwave at 50% power for about a minute, I give them a stir and then continue to microwave a few seconds at a time, stirring and checking until smooth.
They may seem to be too thick, if that is the case add melted shortening or low taste vegetable oil to thin it out to a nice dipping consistency.
I have had mixed results with the Wilton candy melts, some colours (like the powder blue and the bright yellow) barely seem to melt at all and are very hard to work with. I would recommend the Merckens brand if you have the choice.
You can also place the bag or bowl into a bowl of hot water and wait, they will melt that way too.
You can also use a double boiler and they do sell little fondue style pots made for candy melt melting.

What to do with leftover candy melts?
Scoop out leftover candy melts and spread them out on some waxed paper or plastic wrap and let harden. Break up and peel off the solidified candy melt and store them to be melted later.

Will they melt after I make them and do I need to refrigerate them?

The candy melts are very stable at normal room temperature and do not need to be refrigerated. You will leave fingerprints in them if you handle them a lot as the heat of your fingers will be enough to start them melting. I would not mail these if there is a chance that they will sit in a tropical location for any length of time, they will likely arrive in a melted clump.

How do you store the unused melts?
I keep mine in plastic containers in the cupboard. You will have to read the instructions on the box or bag of your candy melts to get an idea of the shelf life.
The candy melts may develop a white powdery coating on them over time, this is normal and they have not gone bad, you can still use them.

The Best Chocolate Balloon Bowls (and bonus Golden Graham cereal clusters) Reviews 2018 2019


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