The Best Chicago Style Hot Dog – Everyday BBQ – Out and About – Lucky Dawg – Best Chicago Style Hot Dog Reviews 2019

This is a little something different I did. I hope you don’t mind me changing things up from time to time. I made this video on location at Lucky Dawg in northern IL. My friend Frank owns and operated the business and makes one heck of a hot dog! People in our area comment all the time about how good it is. I had a couple of camera bloops but I edited my way through them as you will see. I enjoyed making this and I hope you enjoy this video!
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The Best Chicago Style Hot Dog – Everyday BBQ – Out and About – Lucky Dawg – Best Chicago Style Hot Dog Reviews 2019


  1. I'm sorry for commenting a lot but I think I have heard about this place before where is it? The name sounds familiar to me.

  2. Nice. Looks good

  3. Wow a North Booner… I grew up in Harvard and immediately recognized the shirt being from area. Love the channel and all the barbeque cooking tips. Bought a Traeger last summer and love cooking stuff on it here in Arizona.

  4. I was waiting for the celery salt!! Great looking dog.

  5. Wow Mike those looked great, the only thing missing is some ketchup. Just kidding, just kidding. Don't kick me off your channel LOL. I love these kinda dogs just like that, I just wish I could find all the ingredients where I live. Keep up the great work my friend

  6. Where is this place?

  7. Looks great. I wish he would open a place down here in Rebel land. You can't get a good hotdog here! Love your channel Mike, keep it up.

  8. Hi Mike. Came here from Rich's River Smokers.
    Enjoying your videos! Even called Frank for some advice on sport peppers.
    ~brian in Maryland

  9. OMG my mouth is watering right now!!! I love hot dogs!!!

  10. Those look great! Great presentation! Great review and interview. This was a good idea! A huge thumbs up!

  11. Awesome looking dogs! thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Yummy. Like#28

  13. Awesome looking hot dog. Shalom my friend

  14. Good looking eats. When you gonna invite me over? LOL

  15. Nice!

  16. Good stuff Frank! I look forward to sneaking over some time.

  17. You guy are great, the hot dogs are superb. I liked and subscribed 👍 I have a baking channel too, would you like to give each other a support. Hope to see you around soon. Thanks 😊

  18. Looks super delicious.

  19. Great dogs frank knows his stuff you guys rock 😅😆☺😊

  20. Cool….I'll be stopping by soon….   Thanks for the Video

  21. Awesome! I call on the golf course right across the road and I’m in the area a lot. I’ll be stopping by soon!

  22. Awesome hotdogs! I actually ordered everything needed to build Chicago Dogs once from the Vienna company. It came as a kit with everything needed except the onion and pickles. I just bought them locally. That has been one of my more popular videos over the past 4 years. People love a good hot dog 🙂

  23. 🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭

  24. Nice video

  25. Ask them if they can ship some out to San Diego. 😋😋😋

  26. Looks delicious!!!!! I'll have to bring the hubby in to try one!

  27. Having been raised on the South Side of Chicago, I can vouch for this. That is an AUTHENTIC Chicago Hot dog down to the neon green relish!!! Damn….NOW I WANT ONE!!! Great video!!

  28. Those are true hot dogs, the buns and condiments and quality dogs make ALL of the difference 🙂 $3.25 I will take 1 million at that price lol 🙂 Now I'm hungry, thanks a lot 🙂 A "BIG" thumbs up 🙂 Have a great weekend 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  29. That's pretty neat. I went to a hotdog place about a month ago. I got a Chicago dog. I recorded it got vlog just never got to the footage. I love hotdogs

  30. Looks like it’s got some good stuff going on 👍

  31. That was really cool!

  32. Yummmy , that’s really good

  33. Looks delicious and it’s cheap

  34. Thanks. I did a video making this dog some time back. I couldn't find the poppy seed buns anywhere where I live so I had to make it up myself. I did find the Vienna beef dogs, neon relish and the sport peppers locally at a hotdog truck nearby. You're right. Real good dogs.

  35. Get in mah belleh ! Nicely done gentlemen

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