The Best Chef’s Table – Season 1 | Massimo Bottura [HD] | Netflix Reviews 2019

To be a truly great chef takes passion, talent and imagination. It also takes a sense of adventure, an ingredient these six chefs have mastered.

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Chef’s Table – Season 1 | Massimo Bottura [HD] | Netflix

The Best Chef’s Table – Season 1 | Massimo Bottura [HD] | Netflix Reviews 2019


  1. most people watching this probably have no comprehension of the courage/brazen irreverence in Massimo's Tortellina. To those who understand cuisine, art, tradition, Massimo's dish is literally saying "Yea, I fucked your mother and made you watch, what of it?" The man is probably the greatest of all living Nihilisto-Cuisinists and he will be written about for centuries if not millennia

  2. Best episode of season 1

  3. 'The locals want me dead' LOL

  4. … designers’ nightmare… so “provocative”…

  5. K8 Grant achatz ita

  6. What caused his son’s genetic condition?

  7. Apaixonada pela história dessa cara!!!

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  14. Тhis is thе niссеist mоviеe i еvеr sее!!! I аdvisе еееvеrуbоdу tо wаааtсh it 🙂

  15. Massimo I promise you , one day when I will have enough money I will come to your restaurant , sit by the table and eat all your masterpieces.

  16. i could give him a blowjob anytime ♥

  17. Does anyone know the song that come on at min 35 of the show when his wife talks about the pigeons ?? I've been searching and searching

  18. Rio 2016: International chefs cooking surplus Olympic food for city's poorest residents

  19. Congrats to Massimo and Osteria, best restaurant in the world 2016.

  20. Perfect 1:00

  21. Ferran Adrià a well known haute cuisine chef from Spain, is the inventor of "foam cuisine." Also "deconstruct' his dishes and applies molecular gastronomy techniques. His style is what the rest of the world aspire to. Including this Italian turd who thought, well no simpleton in this village knows what I am about to serve is an exact method of another chefs creativity, except i'll use my recipes that I ripped off of this half-blind local old woman. Now I am a genius and will have slo-mo shots of me in riding my motorbike in the Italian countryside accompanied by classical music. Cheers for the editor, jeers for the person who selected this fool.

  22. favorite one 🙂

  23. ..fOOd..◦仌

  24. my teacher at the university said that if someone of us would take him to bottura's restaurant and would pay the bill that person will receive the most in exam lol

  25. ugly people overcompensate when it comes to beauty.

  26. Can anyone identify what motorcycle he was using during this episode?

  27. God. This chef is so sexy. I'm guessing he's Italian. I almost worried about having to change my panties by the end of this trailer. White men do get hotter with age, especially foreign ones. Otherwise, I see no other reason to watch this show.

  28. Goddammit, this is so pretentious.

    Also, cat glasses lady, haha.

  29. It is all about "respect" of though…

  30. So giving you less and charging more is respect? Serving tortellini with the sauce on the side…oh wait put them in a row and let's pretend they are marching to your mouth….now we can charge more for the "provocative" though

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