The Best Chefs having sex in hells kitchen !? Reviews 2019

naughty kitchen from season 9

The Best Chefs having sex in hells kitchen !? Reviews 2019


  1. Welp, this video got linked on a Mashed article. Now I'm here to rain on people's parades. No, really, I'm not trying to be 'that guy' but everyone hates being lied to.

    This involved contestants Carrie Keep, and Brandon Heavey. According to Carrie, this entire scene was completely fabricated, and you can practically tell they've dubbed and chopped up a lot of dialogue to construct the really lascivious behavior. When Carrie says "I feel like I'm not getting enough exercise," you can tell it was pretty choppy, but they conveniently put it over to where we can't see her lips to tell if she really said it, but it's obvious she didn't. Carrie was pretty outraged that the show portrayed her as some slutty cook who had a night with Brandon. But you know how these shows are.

  2. She xabt keep a man she easy

  3. Im watxhubg hells kitchen i hatw her shes soooooo stupid whats wring with her she babales but cant back it up

  4. Comment if what Gordon will react to if he saw the contestants having sex in hell's kitchen bed.

  5. Brendan was a whole douche, but I’ll give him a W for that

  6. Does gordon know

  7. I dislike Elise, but Carrie is a skank….Also for you guys who call other women haters, don't you see that Brendan is not attractive at all???? Besides, Carrie looks like a crackhead.

  8. If I had a dick, you couldn't pay me to stick it in her. I know Elise is a bitch, but I totally enjoyed everytime she ripped this skank apart

  9. 0:24

    No, you’re not. You’ll be bending over soon.

  10. He gave her some of that Beef Wellington tube steak.

  11. get it brendan

  12. Carrie and Brandon will have sex

  13. On 1:04 that bitch Jamie got a fat ass🤣🤣🤣

  14. Elise is so damn fine

  15. Yo those girls are salty as fuck…

  16. Well he was cute lmao

  17. He probably went in RAW!!!

  18. It's so raw you get a disease

  19. What the fuck. No wonder nobody respects her.

  20. Where's The Lamb Sauce!!!!!!

  21. Brendan, how long? Sausages cumming to the pass in 30 seconds, Chef!


  23. Is this a joke

  24. The funny thing is this guy turned out to be the most unlikeable person in this season and was actually the second elimination in this season. You know how we always ask how beautiful girls keep falling for ugly, douchebag, immature guys? This is pretty how much how. They get the girl to talk about themselves, ask questions, show attention, and then when the guy's got what they wanted they go back to frat boy cheering and the supermodel look-alike is blushing in regret and embarrassment and everyone's like "The fuck did that guy hit that?"

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