The Best Buttercream Succulent Cake Decorating Tutorials – CAKE STYLE Reviews 2018 2019


How cool is this concrete pot full of succulents? The best part, you can eat it!!

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* 8″ Ball pan cake – using our vanilla cupcake recipe ( [ball pan –]
* Sweet Buttercream –
– Concrete grey 1lb 1oz (500g) Americolor Super Black
– Another 3lb 3oz (1.5kg) of various colours
~ Greens using Sugarflair Spruce Green, Sugarflair Eucalyptus, Americolor Forest Green, Americolor Leaf Green, Americolor Avocado
~ Yellow using Americolor Egg Yellow and Sugarflair Autumn Leaf
~ Copper using Sugarflair Autumn Leaf and Americolor Maroon
~ White using Americolor Whitener
* Piping bags –
* couplers –
* Piping tips No. 2, 21, 80 (Loyal brand),102, 104, 150, 199, 352, 4B, 1M
* Flower nail –
* Cookie sheet
* Parchment paper squares
* 4″ and 8″ Round cake plates
* 10″ Round cake board
* Pink chocolate rocks

Amazing buttercream cupcakes –
Flower wreath cake –
To see more buttercream cakes, including cake textures (

The Best Buttercream Succulent Cake Decorating Tutorials – CAKE STYLE Reviews 2018 2019


  1. Очень красиво! (very beautiful!)

  2. please upload a Video on your butter cream recepie

  3. I think I could watch this all day

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  6. Ughh the vid has gone black half way and I really want to learn

  7. I have watched this video several times in the past month and a half or so trying to learn (and get the courage) to make cakes for my daughters’ birthdays. I absolutely love your color variety. Your cake in this video is absolutely stunning! I made a smash cake for my 1yr old and a regular sheet cake for my 3yr old for their combined party yesterday. It turned out SO well thanks to your instructions! Thank you for posting this awesome video.

  8. Каждый раз смотрю и .наслаждаюсь вашей работой .Совершенно не сложно.а выглядит – замечательно !!!

  9. Thank you for the tutorial. I'm going to give it a try. It would have helped if you had mentioned the colors you used. Did I miss it somewhere? Thanks for mentioning the tips. Really like the idea of making the succulents ahead of time and putting them on the cake as you finish it. I'll watch it again in case I missed it about the colors.

  10. You have a really nice positive vibe 💫

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  15. your colours are on point! as always!

  16. Was she being sarcastic when she said “this looks so realistic”?

  17. S A C C U L A N T S

  18. It's so wonderful to see you back! My 7 year old LOVES watching your videos and making your cakes!

  19. Absolutely love it!!! Thank you!!!!

  20. Gosh I love this cake idea!

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