The Best Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Test and Review BFP800XL Reviews 2019

Join Amy as she tests and reviews the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor. This is the 16-cup model BFP800XL food processor. Sorry about my pronunciation of Breville and Sous Chef. It was a tongue twister for me with the “S” and the “C”. I tested the food processor by chopping parsley in the mini bowl, slicing squash, and grating cheese. This Breville has a lot of great features including a mini bowl, pour spout, and adjustable blades. Enjoy! Please share!

If you have a food processor, please leave a comment and let me know which one you have and if you like it. If you would like to know about the features of this food processor, please view the video Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Unboxing BFP800XL at

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The Best Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Test and Review BFP800XL Reviews 2019


  1. Hey Amy – I’m dying to know if you’re getting the Breville Peel & Slice upgrade (or the new machine that comes with it). There are no unbiased reviews on youtube yet and I don’t want to get the upgrade till I see one! Thanks. ❤️

  2. could "Breville Sous Chef Food Processor " REPLACE my Kitchenaid mixer on the counter?

  3. I have a vitamix, juicer, and now I'm so needing a food processor!!!!

  4. So what then is your favorite food processor? I would really like it to be able to make proper french fries. Also I can't stand that pulverizing. How does this compare with the Braun FP3020? Thank you for your excellent review!

  5. Brev-ELLE???? We pronounce it BrEville, as in Redill with the emphasis on the "E".

  6. I may have a narrow mind but in the long run I have come to see a food processor as a processing/mixing bowl and slicing and grating as add-ons But I seem to be way off track here. The entire video revolves around slicing and grating and nothing is said about the actual processor. I just bought a 12 cup Sous Chef and there is one peculiarity when compared to earlier less expensive food processers. I have never seen an s blade that moved up and down and it seems like a good idea except it is a bit noisy and I just wanted to make sure that that was normal. I wondered if it would get quieter as the food continued to process. Also: I have been using a 7 cup Kitchen Aid for years and have never had to scrape the bowl while I was mixing due to its size and shape. I ended up with some food that didn't get mixed in as a result. I guess you learn as you go, but these videos are so good that I wish there was also one that demonstrated the mixer, dough maker etc..

  7. very helpful

  8. Made the fries , had only small potatoes but they fried up nicely.

  9. Thank you. I just purchased this machine..

  10. 01/14/2018
    Please tell me and explane the difference between the
    BREVILLE bfp800xl vs bfp660sil
    Which one offers the better features etc.

  11. I wish you showed us how it peels apples or potatoes!

  12. Don't you dare apologize for not perfectly pronouncing anything. The only thing I noticed about your manner of speech is that you're interesting and easy to listen to. Love your reviews. Thanks

  13. Hi Amy! I was not too impressed with this machine. I don't believe I would spend that much money for it. Way too expensive for the way it performs. There were also lots of crumbs in the bottom of the bowl after grating the cheese. As long as you like it, that's all that matters. I love watching your channel. Love to see all your awesome cookware!

  14. I wish you would say the name the right way. Other than that it's great. Can't wait to get mine.

  15. I LOVE you, Amy! You're so cute when you swoosh through the zucchini and say "wow". Swoosh! Wow. Let's put some MORE in. Wow. I was having a blast watching you have fun!! I have subscribed. I'm 55, so Amy, teach me to cook… 🙂

  16. Can you slice and julienne Okra? Demo please? I want to buy this one should I buy it?

  17. My mom is giving me hers. I'm gonna replace my ninja with it

  18. Thank you Amy……

  19. Can you give feedback on ease of getting lid on/off? I have an unopened Breville Sous Chef that I'm considering returning based on your comments in this video. I already own.a Cuisinart 14-cup that I HATE as I spend more time trying to line everything up perfectly before it will run. I purchased the Breville hoping to avoid this problem.

  20. Same with cheese! You pressed to hard!

  21. You pressed the potatoes too much and one on its side gives much better results!

  22. Thanks for the review. Well done.

  23. The apperence of mangling could really be a result of uneven cutting of the zucchini prior to inserting it into the processor… those uneven parts get cut first before the vegetable becomes evenly cut and starts cutting uniform slices???

  24. Thanks for all the reviews. I'm trying to decide on a food processor without paying $400. They are very confusing with all the mixed reviews. Some people love them, some complain about everthing. SMH

  25. For the price, it should cut perfect fries. Not impressed. I have seen way less expensive brands perform better.

  26. your supposed to blanch the fries after they are cut but great video keep up the great work👍

  27. Does this machine dice onions? And can it make a Ragu/ Pasta sauce from whole tomatoes? Thanks for any replies.

  28. I think the issue with your french fry was because the potato was wet.  I bet if you retry it dry and not peeled it'd be much better!

  29. BREV-ILL ….is how its pronounced

  30. Could all of the mangling and over processing be due to you pushing too hard and not letting it catch on the blade by itself? It's been a year since your review I'm wondering if you still are having this problem.

  31. Amy … appreciate your videos and great information.  We purchased the Sous Chef and it arrived today.   Tried making french fries in it (that part worked great) but I was really surprised at how much the machine vibrated.   It moved a bit on the counter.  I used large russet potatoes that were washed but skins were on.  I put the potatoes in on their side. Machine is set flat on a granite kitchen counter. Have you had any issues with vibration and this machine?  Thanks.

  32. Have you tried making dough in this? I'm looking for a good dough kneader…

  33. Has anyone used it with meat yet?  

  34. The French fries were uneven because the potatoes you fed into it were uneven. The same thing would happen if you cut them with a knife starting from one side and going all the way to the other. For perfectly uniform fries you can cut the potato into a rectangular block and feed that, and save the trimmings for hashed browns and such.

  35. Just wondering if you still like this machine a lot and if you you were able to play with it more and figure out how to cut the fries better? I am trying to see which food processor I want and I need if for chopping and to help with home made fries and shred cheese.. Please let me know how this one is working out for you.

  36. I want to buy food processor, How do you like so far? Have you ever made pizza dough with that? 

  37. I'm not sure if it's your accent but you're pronouncing the name wrong say it like brev ill not brev ell just thought I'd let you know 🙂

  38. With the french fry cutter:   I think it might be better with the very large potatoes placed on its side for long fries.   And I wonder if it matters what kind of potato we use.   It might make a difference.    Thank you for your video.

  39. Thanks Amy.

  40. I love my Sous Chef! Thanks for the great video Amy!

  41. I made apple sauce, spaghetti sauce from whole tomatoes, sliced potato with the adjustable blade and used the french fry disc, slice up cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, shredded cheese, made chicken burgers patties from chicken breast and of course a serious smoothie. Once you get use to it it would make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. I think that this is a powerful unit and it does take some getting use to. 

  42. Potato slicer you have to do one potato at a time on its side you will see better results. The fry slicer is excellent just have to do one potato at a time on its side. the cheese has to do with the amount of pressure you apply. I am light on the pressure because I am heavy handed.

  43. try soaking the potatoes after slicing

  44. My Cusinart FP 16cup-dc died yesterday also. It will not shut off.  Cuisinart told me I am out of warranty so I have purchased the Breville Sous 16cup FP today at williams sonoma. 

  45. I think it is safe to say that after Amy recently dumped 3 pounds of Yukon Golds into the Breville and fried up some rather tasty fries, that this thing is a keeper. Just my .02 but we certainly must test more cheese shredding, right Boo?

  46. Were the oddly cut french fry bits from the first potato that you put in?  I noticed you put it in on its end, not sideways.

  47. Today we are testing the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor.

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