The Best Atlas Copco Roc L8 Drilling Reviews 2019

A brand new 2012 Atlas Copco ROC L8 surface crawler drill in operation on a high wall extension project of a surface mine. Note, new operator in training.

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The Best Atlas Copco Roc L8 Drilling Reviews 2019


  1. Nice video

  2. Best drill ever but I learnt on a 810 shit Jeep then 712 fold boom . But I am faster on the 812 because you can use your legs on the leavers

  3. best machine

  4. Used this in Scotland…

  5. Yep I run a Atlas Copco dml it's a pile of dog shit

  6. I-R 590 simple, basic, no computer codes, no DEF…….yea buddy

  7. ótima maquina………eu conheço.

  8. anyone know the $ im putting in a fence next week ,thought I'd go to walmart and pick one up.-_-

  9. this drill sucks, give me a M-32 anyday. ba hahaha

  10. Not your machine and you don't clean it so don't you worry!

  11. Yeah, get that chew spit all over the door handle.

  12. worked around a Atlas Copco ROC D7 owned by Western Grater Contracting Ltd. Victoria BC, they have 4 maybe 5 of them. You can google the company it comes right up. Great video.

  13. yeah im fairly sure it is
    great rig to run

  14. There is a full picture of it on my Facbook page. Check it out maybe you can tell if it is or not.

  15. ok great video anyway mate

  16. I'm pretty sure this is just a standard L8

  17. L8 30 just has an extended mast

  18. I'm not sure

  19. is this the L8 30 model?

  20. you havent operated one of these before have you

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