The Best 3 Michelin sushi chef Saito is a master with the knife Reviews 2019

Chef Patron Takashi Saito is amazing with his knife. Read and see more at – only about the best restaurants in the world!

The Best 3 Michelin sushi chef Saito is a master with the knife Reviews 2019


  1. master with knife? so what happened at the cut happened at 0:32, chipped meat 0:35. lol

  2. I think everyone can do what he did, just slice the meat so what the special..?

  3. Most of the people in here are idiots

  4. How to make an reservation there?

  5. OMG , if you measure the thickness of those slices they will be the exactly the same to the level of microns . The taste of the fish changes depending on how much pressure you apply while slicing . such incredible skill .

  6. Load of BS if you ask me. I could pick up that filet and take a bite out of it and it would taste exactly the same.

  7. Look at that technique. The precision he applies to each cut, perfectly measuring with his eyes. That's skill you only ear after many years of practice. This man is a master indeed.

  8. Incredible !!!! He can slice a fish filet … What a ridiculous video …

  9. idk…bout anyone else…but that looks like when my girlfriend tries to cook something …and she tries to cut stuff…scares me to death the intensity she looks at the meat and how slow she cuts….

  10. Despite the fact that what Saito did in this particular video isnt quite 3 Michelin Star level, it still doesnt mean fuckfaces on the streets or the pretending-to-be-tough fuckfaces in the comment section can. Cutting sashimi is extremely difficult if you want to keep those Michelin stars. They need precision to cut the exact thickness on each piece so the meat isnt too tough on the pallet, as sashimi is meant to be light. Also, picking out the best fish is another challenge. If the fish is even a few too many hours out of the water, it could change the quality drastically. The chef would have to know how the fish would taste and feel on the pallet before serving and also take into account the texture due to rigor mortis taking effect upon the fish. If you were in Saito's place serving prestigious food critics from popular enterprises(Food Network), and you served them shit fish slabs that you said you can do just as well as Saito could, you would get flamed so hard and your Michelin stars would go away faster than your fucking ego behind a computer screen.

  11. lol 3 crap stars

  12. Most of these people commenting below probably have never even cut fish before, let alone slice sashimi. The way the fish is cut directly affects the taste of the morsel. First of all, the slice must be completely even in thickness (easier said than done). Secondly, the way the knife goes through the fish must not disrupt the musculature, which means the chef needs to apply the correct direction and pressure depending on the type of fish being served.

  13. What kind of knife is that? (brandwise)

  14. wtf is this shit ? 3 michelin star my ass  thats like food for little ants, eat like a real man bitcheas

  15. That's michelin style…..cutting CRAP.

  16. Professional! !

  17. This is the end result of a long prepping process. I would love to see it from beginning to end.

  18. that's pretty easy hahahah

  19. I'm overwhelmed

  20. why keep wiping everything, including surfaces, the knife, hands, mixing meat, fish, hand grease, all of it incubating in that towel, which he then uses to wipe the blade lol

  21. The chef didnt even cut against the grain on the second fish. Calling bs that this guy has any stars

  22. It is a hard thing to be so exact. But it is not impossible with concentration and technique. I am a sushi chef

  23. OK.. people it might not look much and any good chef can do this, but to cut the fish into the exact small slices is harder than you think.

  24. Uh, ok? All he did was cut sushi on a bias.. Literally ANY chef can do this. 

  25. i can do this with a block of cheese and a butter knife ffs

  26. I can slice that bad boy using my scissors from Kmart.. all i gotta do is dressed the part.. and you'll be calling me master chef also..

  27. how is he a master with a knive im better than this lol

  28. any chef can do that….really?

  29. 3 years later

  30. ohh saito

  31. Mmmmm.

  32. Probably, i just don't think this video fully showcases his mastery at making great sushi.

  33. Hmm I see your point. I guess it is that he seems to cut all the pieces very evenly with very controlled movements?

  34. People acting like it's easy to cut fish at this angle while maintaining perfect proportions.

  35. i don't think he's trying to be, he's just preparing some sashimi

  36. Don't get me wrong, if he is 3 star chef he is miles better then me, but what is shown here, is not really impressive.

  37. Jesus

    Look at dat angle he's cuttin

  38. Hold my beer.

  39. I like it.

  40. i can only hope that i can be half as good as this chef,when i have been in the business as long as he has been.

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